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  • Lyra Engineers

    ISO 9001-2008 certified company

  • Office


  • Cnc turning centre

  • Vmc BMV-35

  • 100 MT Press

    Capacity - 100MT...
  • 50 MT Press

    Capacity - 50 MT...
  • 30 MT Press

    Capacity - 30MT...
  • 10 MT Press

    Capacity - 10MT...
  • Shearing Machine

    Capacity - 6mm*1500mm...
  • Lathe Machine

    Capacity - 6 FT...
  • Automate Lathe Machine

    CCapacity - 32 DIA Max...
  • Milling Machine

    Capacity - Universal...
  • Power Hacksaw

    Make - B.N. Industry...
  • Surface Grinding Machine

    Capacity - 300*600MM...
  • Capstan Lathe Machine

    Capacity - 40mm...
  • Tapping Machine

    Capacity - 12mm...
  • Tapping Machine

    Capacity - 06mm...
  • Piller Drilling Machine

    Capacity - DIA 25mm...
  • Piller Drilling Machine

    Capacity - DIA 13mm...

Welcome to Lyra Engineers!

Lyra Engineers is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. The company started it’s operation in year 2005 with zinc plating. In 2007 company expands its business and enters in manufacturing. Now we are moving towards our finishing area which is last in our manufacturing process but not least. As without that operation our goods can not be ready to dispatch i.e. Plating Shop. More about us...

Press Shop

In press shop various operations like Shearing of Sheet, Blanking, Punching, Piercing, Bending & Forming etc. is performed as per required Drg.

Machine Shop

In machine shop we have the following machines Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Tapping Machine etc.

Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop is last in our manufacturing process but not least.

Our Expertise
  • Excellent Team of Licensed Machinists
  • More than 5 years Experience
  • Highly knowledgeable Team
  • Great Customer Support
  • Pull of Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ontime Delivery
Why Lyra Engineers?

Affordable Quality, Committed Service.

Effective planning.

Our flexible business model suits for every one. Our man month costing technique has been widely used by our clients. We translate your goals into clear, measurable objectives, and provide you with an easy way to measure how well your web site is performing. Read more...


We helps effective Quality Assurance.